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We can´t control the nature. Which basically is the charm for all of us to enjoy to be out there. The permanent call of security in our self and the need for safety will push us to leave the comfort zone. But precisely this rejection causes this desire in our subconscious to escape from the daily. A bit of uncertainty and the freedom drives us to go out and charge our batteries to go ahead.

We are here in Bavaria, at the foot of the Alps and each of us shares the same passion, which is the basis of all developments at Icetools. We all love the adventure, the snow, the mountains, the uncertain, the uncontrolled nature. Our products, especially our line of protectors, have been thoroughly tested, improved and constantly challenged by us. You can find the sum of our heart blood on the following pages and we are proud to present the new Icetools collection 2017/18.

Have fun outside!
Your Icetools team

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